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Last revision: 1/9/2016

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About This Release

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SIDirect OI Server Documentation

About This Release

This is the first release of the Wonderware® Operations Siemens SIDirect OI Server G-1.1 Series.

Important: This initial release of the SIDirect OI Server is designed specifically to support the Siemens S7-1500 PLC series. If you are using Siemens controllers other than the S7-1500 series, use the SIDirect 3.0 SP1 DAServer instead.

The SIDirect OI Server G-1.1 Series inherits the technology and features of the SIDirect DAServer, while adding support for S7-1500 symbolic addressing.

With this release of the SIDirect OI Server, significant enhancements in functionality are now available. A new version of the OI Server Runtime Components is also included to increase performance of the SIDirect OI Server.

Note: This OI Server requires a Wonderware Operations Integration Core G-1.1 Series or higher.

New in This Release

Symbolic Protocol - Important Information

The following is important information regarding the new Symbolic Protocol

Performance of Legacy Protocol vs. Symbolic Protocol

Siemens has created a new protocol to address the symbolic namespace in their controllers. This protocol is designed with security upfront. The new Symbolic protocol offers different communication throughput performance characteristics in different models of the controllers.

The performance profile varies by PLC model. If your I/O needs exceed 10,000 values per second, see Siemens Support FAQ 98699910 for more information.

Following is a sample throughput performance reference of two S7-1500 controller models.

Legacy protocol

~70,000 values/second

Symbolic Protocol, CPU 1516-3

~12,000 values/second

Symbolic Protocol, CPU 1518-4

~50,000 values/second

These performance figures are for reference only as they will vary by PLC model and by the internal configuration of the controller.


Tests were performed using up to 100,000 subscribed tags to a single controller with a single OI Server instance. At this level it is important to consider proper staggered update intervals to maintain the desired throughput.

Features Planned for Future Releases

System Requirements

Hardware Requirements

To run an OI Server, the following hardware configurations are the minimum recommended:

Operating Systems

For a list of supported operating systems for OI Servers, refer to the "Wonderware Operations Integration Core Readme", or to the Schneider Electric Global Customer Support website, product compatibility information:


Installation Information

Installation Checklist

The Wonderware Operations Integration Core (OI Core) must be installed prior to the installation of the SIDirect OI Server.

Before installing the SIDirect OI Server, it is strongly recommended that you exit all Wonderware programs, including executable (.EXE) files and services.

Installation Procedure

  1. Go to the Schneider Electric Global Customer Support website and select the SIDirect OI Server from the list of available OI Servers:


  2. Download the SIDirect OI Server.
  3. Double-click Setup.msi to install the SIDirect OI Server. The message "Setup was successful" is displayed when setup is complete.

Resolved Issues

This section describes important resolved issues. The following list may not include all resolved issues.

Change Request



SR 103133027: The log occasionally contained unknown errors, bad quality on items, and communication paused and did not automatically resume.


SR 37113747: When scripting was used to poke a large block of items in S7-1500 PLCs, the poke failed and the log viewer displayed a "Connection Closed" message.


SR 52311363: Reading Cyrillic Characters from S7 PLC does not work. Only showing ?????? in InTouch.

Known Issues

There are no known issues at this time.

SIDirect OI Server Documentation

The SIDirect OI Server documentation set includes the following guides:

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